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+++ 9 Jul 2024
Sosie's page update.

+++ 23 Jun 2024
Added the Tippy kitten's web page.
Updated Site Map, minor tweaks to a few other pages.

+++ 6 May 2024
Cali page update, added a new pic at the bottom.

+++ 31 Mar 2024
Cali page update, added a couple of "update" paragraphs and a new pic at the bottom.

+++ 13 Aug 2023
Cali page update, added some Cali cat pics.

+++ 4 Apr 2023
Cali page updates. (It's still under construction)

+++ 29 Mar 2023
Added the Cali cat's web page. (It's still under construction)

+++ 19 Mar 2022
Converted a page from old to new format, made a few miscellaneous page fixes.

+++ 6 Dec 2020
Updated the Salem aka Kitty Poo's page.

+++ 24 Dec 2018
Updated the Misha Mutt's page.

+++ 4 Aug 2009
Removed the 'under construction' logo & text from site header. I still have a few pages to convert, but not in a huge rush to finish them, most are done. The Site Map shows which have been converted & which have not, and there are several pages with different 'formats' that will not be changed at all.

+++ 11 Jun 2009
Fixed the UO Screen Shots page's pics. I think I broke them when I cleaned up some old graphics recently, had duplicates all over the place.

+++ 26 May 2009
Got my DAoC Screen Shot Thumbnails Page converted. Will there be more today? I've got the day off, so there is time . . . I got the Dreamscape Open Beta Turf Contest page done, also did do a lot of cleanup behind the scenes on the web site, moving graphics around, etc.

+++ 25 May 2009
Finally got back to doing some conversions, finished The Realm pages. Also got the UO Screen Shots page done.

+++ 24 May 2009
Did a little work on the Recipe page, also cleaned up links on the DAoC page.

+++ 19 Apr 2009
Added a link to the Links page to The Bomb Book. This is an information page that I wrote as an introduction to the book.

+++ 12 Apr 2009
Happy Easter!.

+++ 22 Mar 2009
Put a link to the pic of the 'kids' on the home page. Also put a link to My Recipe Box on the Links page & updated the Site Map.

+++ 18 Mar 2009
Did I mention I'm taking PHP/mySQL classes? I have already taken an online Intro class, and today the Intermediate session started, 6 weeks of lessons, 2 per week. We put together a Recipe web site in the Intro class. I decided liked the site so well that I did some tweaking (more tweaking to follow) and will leave it online permanently. It only has a handful of recipes right now, but I will be adding more soon, and you can add recipes if you want. Just register for a login and you can post your own recipes to the site!

+++ 17 Mar 2009
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Hope you liked the special 'green' graphics I had up for the day. I get a kick out of setting up special graphics for holidays.

+++ 28 Feb 2009
Swapped out the front page pic of our babies for my collection of Woodstock dolls. This is a collection that I have at work on a shelf. It occasionally grows on holidays when one of my wonderful coworkers bestows a new one upon me. Thanks guys, you're the best!

+++ 27 Jan 2009
Updated links on the DAoC page, all should be good now, although several have very outdated information. Updated a few links on the Links page. It still needs a lot of major updating, way too many broken links. I've also been playing around with some different graphic looks for my site, still purples & pinks, though!

+++ 4 Jan 2009
Updated the Misha mutt's page; our Chipughua is not a Chipughua after all!!!

+++ 25 Dec 2008
Well, that display problem with IE6 will just have to stay there, I can't figure out how to hack the CSS to make it work without breaking all the other browsers. So, I'm moving on to converting all my other web pages & validating them, one at a time.

+++ 21 Dec 2008
Gotta fix the problem with the right column displaying improperly in IE6 and then I'll be finished tweaking! It displays just fine in Firefox, Opera, & IE7.

+++ 18 Dec 2008
My site redesign has been under way for a couple of weeks now. Only the main pages have been done so far. I'll tweak and adjust them till I'm satisfied, and then start on the other 50 or so pages.

+++ 9 Nov 2008
Updated a few links on my Links page. (You know it's time to update links when you discover one of your favorites opens up to a p*o*r*n site, UGH!)

+++ 1 April 2007
Updated links on my Dark Age of Camelot page.

+++ 24 Mar 2006
Updated links on my Dreamscape Links page.

+++ 11 Feb 2006
Updated links on my Dreamscape page.

+++ 21 Aug 2004
Added 2004 update to my Ultima Online page.

+++ 13 Jul 2002
Updated links on my Realm page.

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