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5/9/2024 (abt) -

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The Tippy Kitten's Tale(Tail?)

Picture it - Tuesday June 18th, 2024, sitting at the Wal-mart Pharmacy drive up window.

Up ahead around the front corner of the building comes a small beast running like mad from birds chasing it. A little closer, and you see it's a kitten, siamese coloring, dark tipped (Tippy) tail. As it's running down the sidewalk it tumbles off the curb onto the drive, recovers, heading straight for the car, still running like mad.

As it disappears under the car Hubby gets out to see where it went, looks under the car, asked folks in the car behind us if they saw it, assumes it kept running around the back corner of the building. After getting our prescription we drove toward the back looking for it. We assumed it was long gone, would be hard to catch even if we saw it.

We made another stop a couple of miles further away before heading home.

Fast forward to late Thursday morning, June 20th, 2024. Hubby comes in from the garage telling me that something made a mess, knocking stuff off of shelves, pooped. He went back out to finish cleaning up, and after a short while came back in with the news that he heard meows coming from one of the curb side trash cans. He was about to get them ready to go to the curb for Friday pick up.

Upon further investigation we were astounded when he pulled this kitten out of the trash can and found that it was the very same kitten we had encountered 2 days earlier. That poor little thing had apparently found a hiding place underneath my car, and it was about to go out with the trash!

Instead, we crated it and made an early afternoon vet visit, got the required vaccinations, tests, de-wormer, etc. SHE is about 6 weeks old, and has found a new home safe from killer birds. She, Tippy, is recovering in quarantine, waiting for the flea meds to work. Can't wait to see how Cali & Sosie take to a new kitten in the house!

It turns out her whole tail is dark. I named her before getting a better look at it, but the name stuck, had to have a name for the vet, ya know. It's a little darker on the tip but it's hard to get a good pic. She started out as a very scared little kitten, but in less than a week she has progressed to being VERY playful & lovable.

Tippy 6-24-2024

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