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The Realm is a multi-player online role playing game with monsters and magic, in a medieval setting. It's not your state-of-the-art super powerful 3D graphics game with lots of servers that also requires a super computer to play, but then I don't care for those games anyway! The Realm has it's own little community of dedicated users who thorougly enjoy it.

There are several races and professions to choose from when setting up your characters, and you have some control over how your attributes are distributed as well. You also have a lot of control over the appearance of your character. You can play multiple characters or "toons" per account, and at a cost of $6.99/month (or $69.99/year), it is very affordable.

I've been playing The Realm since late '96 when version 1 was in testing. Most of the screen shots on my site have been from version 2.x with a couple from 3.x beta, the current version of the program being version 3.x.

Part of the reason I put off updating my site was because there hasn't been much change in the graphics between versions. However, I have been collecting 3.x pics for quite some time now and am finally getting around to putting them up. I hope you enjoy them!

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Links to pics

. . . . of Eyeballs and Christmas Trees . . . .

Click here for my "Levels" page.

Click here for my Realm 2.x pics plus a couple of 3.x beta pics at the bottom.

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The best site for Realm info is The Oracle.

This site belongs to HyJinks, a longtime Realm player who, for years, has had THE BEST Realm maps. Over the years he has also added much much more to his site. The best Realm info site used to be Lady Polgara's pages, but she has taken hers down, so I'm glad to see HyJinks' site is a very fine alternative. Thank you, HyJinks, for all the work!

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