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This is a pic of a flag that someone put together in UO, Atlantic shard, just outside of Vesper, in support of our country after the terrorist attack September 11th, 2001. It provided a nice place to gather & reflect on the day's events. I don't know who was responsible... but thank you!

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Ultima Online

I started playing UO again about the middle of January 2001 on the Atlantic shard. An old hunting buddy from Sonoma shard is playing on Atlantic. He and a friend have helped me get back into the swing of things. I've been playing for a while now and I'm still catching up with the changes over the last couple of years. I'm having a great time playing!

2001 update: Well, 2001 was a very eventful year. Most noteably, I met Mr. Right while playing UO on the Atlantic server. After 15 years being single again I took the plunge and we got married. We even bought a house and moved a week before Christmas. We still have our UO accounts but haven't been actively playing for a while. We're both severely addicted to DAoC (Dark Age of Camelot) at the moment.

2004 Aug update:We played DAoC for quite a while, over a year, then got really busy RW. Eventually we closed our accounts. And then Mr. Right decides one day to check back into UO, see how it is. Well, that kinda snowballed and now we're playing every day! It's only fitting, I guess, since that's where we originally met, huh? One of the kewlest things is that with their character transfer ability I could transfer my best character from Atlantic to Lake Superior, his home shard.

Ultima Online Five Year Anniversary

If you click the link above & read the Testimonial by Anna, the couple she mentions is us :-) Thank you Anna!

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Here is a pic of my main character on the Atlantic shard, taken 6-Jul-2001.

The Illustrious Daxx, Grandmaster Stoic
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Here are a few old screen shots, hope you enjoy them!

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