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Daxxie in The Realm
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Version 2.x of The Realm was phased out some time after 3.x was released into production. My characters there were Daxxie, a level 100 Wizard, and Daxx, a level 75 Adventurer.

Version 2.x only had humans, no Elves or Giants!

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Daxx the misplaced Trill

Daxx's bio pic

The last thing I remember....
I had been injured & was lying on the floor of the Promenade just outside Quarks. I looked up into Julian's face as he called for emergency transport to sick bay. Next, I remember waking up in this strange land. Someone told me that my body had been brought back to life and healed. But where was I? Another place, certainly... another time? I don't know who to trust my story with, there are evil ones here as well as many kind and generous souls....

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Daxxie, Stoneburner, JimDan

This is myself and two of my hunting partners, Stoneburner and JimDan.

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Daxx daring the Ogre Chief to attack
Daxx and Ogre Chief

The Ogre attacked... BIG mistake, he's in meltdown now!
Ogre Chief melting

Another battle scene
Battle scene

King Kilrog battle scenes
KK pic 1
KK pic 2
KK pic 3

JimDan and Daxxie's Wedding Pictures

Realm 3.x beta pics of
Daxxie the Elf Wizard

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