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6/7/2005 (abt) -

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Her little tail was hanging underneath an SUV like a S.O.S. flag, hence the name Sosie. It was a hot day, July 7th, 2005. She had been trapped under the SUV all day. She was dehydrated, probably a stray since she also seemed to have little meat on her bones, & was about 4 weeks old. She had suffered a blow to the right side of her head.

The vet said she had a collapsed ear canal & a concussion, but he thought she would be okay. He gave her fluids, cortisone, & penicillen. We bottle fed her kitten milk for a couple of days till she recovered enough to eat solid food on her own.

As you can see from the pics, Sosie has made a great recovery! She does have some problems with the right side of her head, some paralysis, some vision problems, but you can't tell that by looking at her or watching her play. Given time for the damaged nerve in the right side of her face to regenerate, she will probably improve even more. We have seen little improvements already.

As of July 21st, she's doing quite well & getting along spendidly with Misha. Salem is still getting used to her.

August 3rd, 2005 update - Salem finally got used to Sosie & they get along great now. He lets her sleep beside him, & he even grooms her. That's a fantastic thing to see happening from our big ol' tomcat! He's a monster at 15 pounds, & she's so small & dainty. She won't be anywhere near his size when she's grown.

Sosie is very affectionate & loves to climb all over people.
She's adorable!
Her right eye doesn't close, only the inner eyelid blinks.
Her little paws were crossed here, such a cute pose!
Another closeup.
Sacked out on the bed.
A Sosie pose.
Yummy! That tastes goooood!!!
Here's our baby all curled up & cute. Love that touch of pink on her nose!
Another adorable pose.
Sosie & Misha posing for pics.
Misha watching over Sosie.
Sosie & Salem snuggled up together.
Salem even shares my desk return with Sosie!
In this series of pics I was trying to catch Salem's tail in Sosie's grasp, but I kept snapping the shots just a little too late, so you'll have to use your imagination. Salem gets a kick out of teasing Sosie with his tail.
(big composite pic, a little over 1mb)
Sosie on the jungle gym.
Sosie on the jungle gym.

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