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4/15/2002 (abt) - 12/24/2018

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Update 4 Jan 2009

Well, it's official. According to 2 different DNA labs our Chipughua is really a Pekingese! She's actually got DNA from 4 identifiable breeds in her. See the chart below for a breakdown according to the tests. We were so astounded to find no Pug listed in the first test that we had a second test done. While they vary slightly in the percentages, both tests identified the same top 4 breeds.

Level 1 over 75%   
Level 2 37-74% Pekingese Pekingese
Level 3 20-36%   Lhasa Apso
Level 4 10-19% German Shorthaired Pointer
Lhasa Apso
German Shorthaired Pointer
Yorishire Terrier
Level 5 less than 10% Yorishire Terrier  

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This adorable little pup wandered into our lives on 13 Aug 2002. Actually she wandered onto a friend's doorstep a few days earlier. After attempts to find her owner failed, & deciding they couldn't keep her, the friends gave her to us to 'try out' for a while. Well, we promptly fell in love with her!

The vet's estimate of her age puts her birth around the middle of April, so we decided to set April 15th 2002 as her official birthday. Aside from being tax day and easy to remember, the 15th is also the birthday of a very dear friend.

Misha's a wonderful little Chipughua (Chihuahua & Pug mix)? Her coloring makes her look kinda like a miniature German Shepherd in some of these pics. She's smart, spunky, playful, & also loves to settle down & snooze, cuddle, & be scratched. She's a keeper for sure!

Misha's Bathtime
Lazy Mutt! She loves getting her belly scratched.
She musta been feeling small and lonely in the living room. It was cleared out for carpet cleaning.
Closeup in the living room floor.
Sniffing around in the back yard.
Misha's lovely wet nose after tilling in our sandy back yard.
Checking out the neighbor dogs through a hole in the fence.
Checking out the neighbor dogs through a hole in the fence.
Another lazy mutt shot.
Ain't that a cute face?
She's such a sweet pup, very good and very smart.
Guard puppy.
Guard puppy.
Can we play tug-o-war? Please? Please?
Misha's after-dinner 'If I look pitiful enough will you give me some leftovers' look.
Misha's startled 'Woops, I didn't know there was a cat here' look.
Misha's a licker, reminds me of the Energizer Bunny . . . she keeps on licking and licking and licking . . .
Who keeps flashing that bright light in my eyes?
Yummy! That tastes goooood!!!
Our sweet puppy Misha.

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