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4/15/2003 (abt) - 12/06/2020

(abt 17yrs & 8mths old)

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This beautiful black kitten wandered into our lives on September 5th, 2003. He was so cute & so affectionate that even I, a non-cat person, couldn't resist helping him, he was very close to starvation. We took him home, fed him, & left him to recover. It was about 2-3 days before he regained some strength & started exploring the house. That's about how long it took us to decide to keep him.

The first pic above is from the first week that we had him. The other 2 are also earlier pics. The ones below have been taken over the next 4 months.

We really couldn't come up with a good name for him, but since we needed a name when we took him to the vet the first time, & since he's ALL black, & since one suggestion was Salem, which definitely fits little black kitties, we used Salem. He's been called all manner of names since then, some of which shouldn't be put into print. Let's just say he's a very playful & rambunctious kitty, & gets into everything!

Salem has grown into a 15 pound shy tomcat. He doesn't like to be picked up & he hides from company, but he very much loves attention on his own terms. He loves to crawl between me & my keyboard so I can scratch his head, ears, chin, & down his back. He also loves to play with cat toys.

This lil guy had the LONGEST legs, took him a while to grow into them.
Sacked out.
Indecent Exposure!!!
Nice claws.
Caught in mid-step.
Love those beautiful yellow/gold eyes.
Gimme 5!!!
Under the coffee table is one of his favorite places to play.
Of course, what kitty can resist playing in an empty box?
Sneaking out to attack Misha?
Let's see how cute I can look for the camera...
Yummy! That tastes goooood!!!
Lemme outta here!
Salem in another box he claimed for his own.

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