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Update - Nov 2003
My shop is permanently
closed. I sold it on eBay.

Update - 15 May 2002

In all likelihood, I will probably not be opening my shop again. It just doesn't seem worth it when, for instance, an item I sell for 500 Tokens originally sold in a vendo for 10 Tokens, & the asking on the street is 45,000 Tokens.

I may on occasion open the shop up for a newbie to pick out some goodies, but even that is disheartening when you realize that the last "so called" newbie was probably NOT a newbie & was just out to get a few free items from someone trying to be nice. Anyway, the shop was great fun while I was running it, & I'd like to thank my wonderful customers of the past for their business!!!

pics updated 27 Feb 2001

Items in my shop are arranged by price with prices on the walls. The pics below will give you a good idea of the type of merchandise I carry and the prices, but are definitely NOT guaranteed to be up to date!

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