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Ancient Dreamscape scenes

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Ducky friends

These are some of my friends and myself on the streets of Phantasus in WorldsAway/Dreamscape.
Tc Hammer, Byte Dancer, Nostromo, Bobbie, Daxx (that's me), and Jackpot.

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Daxx's birthday party

July 96, Surprise Birthday Party thrown for me by Tc Hammer.
In attendance: ThoughtMaster, Duckolyte bobbi richmar, Tc Hammer, Daxx, duckolyte Cindi-Golden Knight, Duckolyte Jackpot(seated), Duckolyte Jazmine, Galador, and Duckolyte Nostromo richmar

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Flying avatars

Having a little fun one night (very early morning) doing some synchronized flying. I'm the odd one out, purple skin & cat head.

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Galador's birthday party

Galador's surprise birthday party
Galador, Teenie Beanie, Sam Clemens, Duckolyte Wing, 502, Duckolyte Wing, Bean There, Bozzi, Daxx, Buzzerbean, Duckolyte Jackpot, and Duckolyte Jazmine

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Halloween candy pic

Just having a little fun with the Halloween Candy vendo on Temple street! li'l kt got the fun started and everyone else pitched in.
Prince Noghri, Bozzi, Golden-Knight Veriman, Viperfox, li'l kt, Duckolyte Daxx

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Duckolyte Induction pic

My Duckolyte Induction Ceremony on August 9, 1996
Jimi, Duckolyte Sr. Wing, 502, Duckoyte Wing, Sam Clemens, Duckolyte Wing, Duckolyte Daxx, Duckolyte Jackpot, Duckolyte Lindy

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SuperDaxx pic

These are most of the heads in my collection. They call me "SuperDaxx" when I wear this "masked" head.

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Alienytes pic

Gee, I had a problem coming up with names for these guys. Did you notice that we all have the same colors? Makes it sorta difficult to figure out who is who if one didn't save names when they took the pic. Oh well, all I can remember is that the 2 on the right are myself, Alienyte Dax, and Alienyte WAK.

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Alienyte wedding pic

Alienyte wedding:
Alienyte Melissa Magic and Prime Alienyte Wyld Karde, Acolyte Zippy, Prime Alienyte Anti-Matter, Prime Alienyte Dax, Prime Alienyte Dilbert

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