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Dreamscape scenes
(1996, maybe some 1997?)

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Oracle Teresias

Oracle Uni

Oracle Vaserius
Oracles of WorldsAway
Oracles are priests and priestesses of Morpheus. They are mysterious, wise beings of the Dreamscape who organize adventures, games and other activities for the avatars to enjoy. Oracles are recognizable by their ornate robes.

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Daxx and Daveman

Here's a pic of myself and my adopted Dreamscape son, Duckolyte Daveman, in his turf. Daveman first came into the world in August of '96 and I adopted him in February of '97.

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Daxx and Survivor

This is my "sweat brother" Survivor and I just after we exchanged LongShore caps. I definitely got the bad end of this deal. His cap was VERY sweaty! But that's okay, it was worth it. He's a swell guy... err... bunny :-)

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The beans are one of the more colorful groups in Kymer. This is some of the gang posing for a pic after a night of Beango in a Turf.
I'm also known as plumbean in the DreamScape.

Beango group pic

Prince Stupid., Dogolyte Master Pup, coffeebean, Bean there, plumbean, Bean me up, beanabeast, Imabean, bluebean, Teenie beanie.

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These are pics of a very nicely decorated turf called The Showplace. This was in the old days, before turf glue, when items could only be placed on the floor. Now, with glue, they can also be placed on the walls.

The Showplace, pic 1

The Showplace, pic 2

The Showplace, pic 3

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