Dreamscape Elf Pics - Escapee's Escapades

Most of Kringle's Elves are wonderful, sweet, funny, charming, kind little elves. However, there is one elf that is a MEANIE! He has become notorious for his knee-biting of Kymer's Citizens! He always sports an angry face and is very mean. Below are some scenes where this mean lil elf gets his due! And he doesn't like it one little bit! Hah!
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Escapee finally got a little payback for his knee biting! He found himself stuck way up in a snow-covered tree and his clothing was turned PINK!!! ROFL!!! Also, Sweet Fruitcake Elf (and possibly some others) got to do some knee crunching to HIM for a change!

He was even turned purkle for a short while, lol.

The fun never ends! Escapee pays a little more for his knee-biting antics and just downright meanness. Here you can see that Carl the Snowman has been sweeping the streets and Escapee got swept up in his broom! And he's turned ORANGE! Hahaha!
After Carl had his way with Escapee, Caretaker Kashmir and the others in the locale at the time got into the act. The entire entourage was transported to the jungle, to Rupert's cage, where Escapee was presented to Rupert as a snack!

Once again Escapee has been turned PINK! Hahaha, I think he hates that color the most... which is why he was turned pink of course! Oh, and notice the nice touch of GREEN hair, lol.
In this scene Escapee has fallen down into Rupert's cage. You can only see a tiny part of him if you look closely. And Kymer Elf Cookie was good enough to entertain us with a song about Escapee & Rupert. Very nice Cookie!

As it turns out, Rupert really didn't have a taste for mean little elves such as Escapee. But, Escapee was such a mess after Rupert slobbered all over him that Kashmir transported the whole lot of us again, this time to the Idol Pool so Escapee could be properly bathed. Seems he didn't care much for that either! There's just no pleasing this mean little elf. Well, unless he's biting your knees, then he's happy, although his face never shows it.

Once more Escapee has been turned pink, this time at the town meeting on 30 December 2000. The elves will be leaving soon and we sure will miss them. They've been wonderful for the holiday atmosphere in our world this year. And yes, we will even miss you, Escapee!

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