Parking Paladin

I put this page together in mid December of 99 to razz my good friend Paladin. He had the bad (bad bad Pal, baaaaad) habit of parking his avatar in public when he was AFK. This time, he was somewhat used and abused for it, lol. Paladin & I had a lot of fun times in WorldsAway, so many laughs... I'll miss those... he passed away April 2nd, 2000.

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Here's that ol' Parking Paladin again *sighs*. Someone decided to cover him up with boards. Well, someone else decided the boards were ugly and took them away.

I didn't agree.

So, I put up more boards... and a tulip... and a vine flower... and some leaves. Before ya know it, someone else had put down a duckie, someone else a dove, etc, etc.

As you can see from the pics below, it sorta snowballed from there! And he never knew what hit him until I gave him the URL for this page! ROFL!!!

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