This has been discontinued.
I'm going broke, not spending enough
time inworld to be able to keep up rent
and continue this promotion as well.

Earn Dreamscape Tokens!

It's very simple! If you find a broken link anywhere in my web pages, whether they are Dreamscape pages or not, and you are the first to e-mail me with the information, I will pay you 500 Tokens in Dreamscape.

You must e-mail me with the URL or name of the page with the broken link, and which link is broken. Don't forget to include your avatar name in the e-mail so I can ESP you inworld to make arrangements for payment. Please do not ESP or ESP Mail the information. Only if all reports are e-mailed will I be sure who reported a broken link first.

There is no limit to the amount of tokens you can earn. If you are the first to report 10 broken links, you will earn 5000 Tokens.

Almost all of my pages have a navigation section at the top and bottom of the page which includes an e-mail link so you won't have to hunt for my e-mail address.

To clarify just a bit on how I will determine bad links: What I am looking for is "HTTP Error 404" and "404 - Page Not Found" types of broken links. If a link is simply not responding it may or may not be bad, ie. it may be a temporary problem with the site and normally works just fine. So, if you e-mail me with broken links it may take a couple of days for me to check them out and make sure the site is really gone and not experiencing temporary difficulties.

Also, if a link goes to a page that no longer has content related to what I intended to be linking to, please report it, you'll be paid for it too. My goal here is to have a site that really works, one you can rely on to have accurate links, and to involve YOU in helping to keep me on my toes!

That's it! Happy hunting!

P.S. Did I mention that I might occasionally *intentionally* put a bad link on my pages somewhere?

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* * * * Winners List * * * *

Roadrunner, 12 Nov 2000, 500 T's

Cadogan, 25 Nov 2000, 500 T's

Sly Stardust, 25 Nov 2000, 2000 T's

Selendrile, 16 Jan 2001, 500 T's

Jessica, 10 Nov 2002, 500 T's

Tallis, March 2005, 5500 T's

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