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Trophy information collected from many sources,
much of it by my husband Redferne who has been
the one spending hours and hours camping these things!

Trophy Screen Shot Thumbnails

Please E-mail Daxx if you have more info to add.

No picture of Golestandt trophy, level 80 dragon in Dartmoor.
No info yet on Cronker, Rangfar, Immortally Challenged, Scuab, Last Curtain Call
1.Martley, Vaerin

Martley is a SI Epic quest mob, level 11, must do the quest in order to get him to spawn. The quest can be done by Merc, Cabby, Infil, Reaver, Necro, & comes from your trainer. The quester first kills a Neophyte & then Martley will pop in his place. He can be killed several times as long as the one doing the quest kills the Neophyte & someone else not grouped with the quester kills Martley. Once the quester kills Martley he won't spawn again. Eventually he will stop spawning for the quester, but when we did it we got 6-7 remains before he stopped spawning. You'll need a Lesser Herp potion for the Taxidermist.

Xanxicar can be found in the Crystal Cave, Avalon City, Shrouded Isles.
3.Kalnraw, Gristle

Kalnraw can be found in Cornwall behind Caer Witrin at 50k,17k, conned red to level 14.

Gristle can be found in the Pennines, north of Sursbrooke along the zone wall, cons purple at level 50 & bafs a red friend.
4. Throatripper

Throatripper is a level 7 quest mob in South Black Mountains, 6k, 58k, spawns at night, talk to Lieutenant Jursen by the tower for the quest.
6. Jari, Tusker, Grunge

Jari is level 8, South Black Mountains, Vetusta Abbey Farm,

Tusker, small trophy, spawns at the Yarley's Farm in Western Cornwall at about 20k,50k, inside the fenced area, daytime spawn, cons blue to level 50, had to kill a lot of pigs to get him to spawn.

Grunge, large trophy, spawns in Snowdonia at about 26k,42k, cons green to level 50, he won't spawn if the Cheshire cat is out so kill the cat. And it seemed to help to get him to spawn if the other cats in the area were killed off; rock bounders, etc.
7. Worry Wort, Croaker Jigdorn

Worry Wort conned blue to level 42, found in Snowdonia at 38k,45k, was in the water both times.

Croaker Jigdorn is in Salisbury Plains in the stone ring with Faerie Frogs, at 57k,57k, daytime spawn, level 29-33.
8. Veviel, Windchaser Naihera, The Last Stand

Veviel can be found in Salisbury plains in a small grove of trees near the road at about 20k,25k, conned yellow to a level 13, she's the green pixie.

Windchaser Naihera spawns in the Ellyl camp in Lyn Barfog, white pixie trophy.

The Last Stand is the Rainbow Sprite trophy, spawn at 5k,26k in Forest Sauvage. Their remains are for the 2 & 4 pixie trophies & can be mix & match, 4 of 1 color, 2 of 2 different colors, or 1 of each color. They don't drop every time, must be farmed.
9. High Priestess Ywera, Sergeant Cosworth, Sir Gerenth

Ywera spawns in the depths of The Barrows, Druid room with the Skeletal High Priestess. We must have cleared the room 20 times before she popped. Then immediately after we killed her she spawned again! You'll need a Greater Carniverous potion for her. She is the smaller skeleton.

Sergeant Cosworth & Sir Gerenth, large skeletons, spawn in North Black Mountains at the graveyard, 10k,40k, level 10.
10. Albino Grugner, Sladug

Albino Grugner is in The Barrows, Scaled Fiend pit, maybe level 41-ish, may have to kill fiends for a long time till he spawns.

Sladug spawns in Lyonesse near the Danaoin Clerk guard house, level 34-39.
11. Fire Ant Frendrat

Popped in Cornwall at 1700,29800 although I've read where he also wanders into Lyonesse. It took several game days for him to pop, finally spawned at 4am, conned green to level 50.
12. Oldest, Tuka

Oldest is the larger trophy, spawns in Salisbury Plains at 45k,49k, conned blue to level 26.

Tuka is the smaller trophy, spawns in Salisbury Plains at 41k,10k, conned yellow to a level 15.
13. Water Spider Gleek

Gleek spawns on the rocks in the water in Salisbury Plains at about 53k,57k, somewhere around 10am to 1pm game time, pull him back out of the rocks/water or you may not be able to get the remains, rare spawn, can skip days before spawning, level 31.
14. Gerkran

Gerkran can be found in Cornwall, 31k,21k, level 22, kill spiders in the area to get hi to spawn.

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