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The thumbnail links below go to full sized .jpg files.

Trophies pictured were made by Bersi on Pendragon

The links underneath each pic go to a page of information
that I've gathered on the pictured trophies. I'll be adding
to this information as it becomes available and I have time.

1. Martley, Vaerin

2. Xanxicar

3. Kalnraw, Gristle?

4. Throatripper


6. Jari, Tusker, Grunge

7. Worry Wort, Croaker Jigdorn

8. Veviel, Windchaser Naihera, The Last Stand

9. High Priestess Ywera, Sergeant Cosworth, Sir Gerenth

10. Albino Grugner, Sladug

11. Fire Ant Frendrat

12. Oldest, Tuka

13. Water Spider Gleek

14. Gerkran

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