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Oklahoma City National Memorial at Night

Parts of the Oklahoma City National Memorial at night are shown below. The memorial features 2 massive Gates of Time as formal entrances. The east end of the block is the 9:01 gate and the west end is 9:03. Between the gates, where the street was, is the reflecting pool. The bomb went off at 9:02am, April 19th, 1995.

North of the reflecting pool is the Survivor Tree and the Journal Records building. South of the reflecting pool is the field of empty chairs, one for each of the 168 lives lost, placed where the Murrah Building once stood. The chairs have lighted bases which reflect in the pool at night as beacons of hope.

The entire Memorial is very beautiful at night. These pictures don't do it justice.

This picture was taken from the west end of the memorial looking east. The lighted object at the left is the wall surrounding the Survivor Tree which you'll find in the picture below. The lights on the right are some of the empty chairs which are pictured further down this page.

This picture shows the Survivor Tree and it's surrounding wall reflected in the pool. The building in the background on the left is the Journal Records building which was heavily damaged in the bombing.

The lighted empty chairs. The chairs are placed according to the floor on which those killed worked or were visiting.

The lighted empty chairs. There are 2 sizes of chairs, the 19 smaller ones representing the children.

This picture is taken from the Survivor Tree looking down across the reflecting pool to the field of empty chairs.

Message spray painted on the wall of the Journal Records building by rescue workers the day of the bombing.

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