Misha (the pup) & Salem (the kitty) get along wonderfully together!

The first pic above is from the first day or two that we had Salem. He was very weak & needed time to recover from near starvation. Misha's a great pup, she gave him space to recover & get used to her. That's hard for Misha because she's a very exuberant & friendly little pup!

The next 2 pics above are also very early pics. Salem is recovering & getting used to having Misha around. As you can see from the pics below, they've gotten to be very good friends, playing together & even sleeping together!!! I like to get shots of them snuggled up together in the recliner.

A fairly early pic of the 2 sitting close. They were still getting to know each other here.
I'd say they're pretty much buds by the time this pic was taken, lol, very comfortable with each other's company.
Misha attacks backwards so Salem can't slap her in the face with his paws/claws.
Cozy cuddlers.
You stay on your side and I'll stay on mine.
They each took turns eating from this bowl of food that had some gravy added to it. Misha watches patiently as Salem gets his turn.
One of their more playful moments... most of their play is caught in video clips. They move so fast it's hard to get good stills.
Scratch my belly Misha, please, please, please?
Cozy cuddlers.
Sentinels guarding in the front window.
Boy, they're really growing, at this rate we'll have to get a bigger recliner for them!

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